A Weekend Guide to Amsterdam


Amsterdam has long been a hugely popular destination for people going on weekend trips. It is a nice size for exploring for a couple of days and has enough to do to keep most tourists happy.

The following are some of the very best things to do and see while you are here.

Hire a Bike

If you want to see lots of Amsterdam and feel right at home then you will want to hire a bike to get around on. This is the perfect place to get out for a ride and feel like a local. This will give you a relaxing way to explore the canals, the bridges and the lovely green areas of the city. The locals love to ride on their bikes so you should be careful to avoid accidents on busy streets filled with other riders. Take it for a quiet practise run before the serious stuff if that will make you feel more confident. Also, be sure to lock the bike when you aren’t using it, as bike theft is no uncommon here.

Take a Walking Tour

The rich history of Amsterdam means that it is a great city in which to go on a tour with an expert guide. There are some excellent walking tours around the city that will help you understand Amsterdam a lot better. These are often themed, based on WWII or the Red Light District, for example. There are lots of tour agencies offering this service so be sure to choose one that looks right for your needs.

See the Anne Frank House

It isn’t the most cheerful thing to do in Amsterdam but the world famous Anne Frank House is definitely a place to see. This is where young Anne famously hid from the Nazis during WWII. The museum is open every day and is a fascinating place to look around. It gets well over a million visitors a year and you will definitely want to see the movable bookcase behind which Anne hid in a room for 2 years. It is a moving story and you are sure to leave here with plenty to think about after some time here.

Enjoy Some Art

Amsterdam is a terrific city for its wealth of museums and a couple of the best have great art collections in them. The Van Gogh Museum is one of the country’s most popular museums and got over 1.6 million visitors in 2014. The Rembrandt House Museum is lower key and less visited but still offers a great place to see some art in a relaxed setting. If you love art you will enjoy both of them.

Get Scared in Amsterdam Dungeon

If you want a scary experience in this city you need look no further than the popular Amsterdam Dungeon. You will find a torture room, a mirror maze and even some ghosts in here. For a more conventional museum experience you could check out the brilliant Tropenmuseum. Alternatively, the Museum of Bags and Purses is pretty interesting too.

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