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A Weekend Guide to New York


The first thing you are sure to ask yourself is how you could possibly be expected to see New York in a single weekend. This huge city is densely populated and is also packed with plenty of amazing tourists attractions.

This means that you will want to plan ahead and make sure that you use your time wisely. The following are some of the main attractions you won’t want to miss while you are here.

Visit Central Park

Even if going to a park isn’t something you would normally do, Central Park in New York is somewhere not to be missed. Of course, even if you are on your first trip to the Big Apple this place will be instantly familiar to you. Central Park is considered by many to be the heart of the city and countless movies and TV shows have been filmed here. See if you can spot places from Spiderman 3, The Avengers, Vanilla Sky and Serendipity. You can watch the world going by here and feel as though you are briefly part of this amazing city. Take a picnic of bagels or sandwiches from a local deli or hire a bike in order to see more of the park in style.

Go Shopping 

There can be few people who visit New York who don’t do a little shopping. This city is famous for the number of stores and the great bargains on offer. If you go here during the run up to Christmas or during the famous sales season then you are sure to be tempted with some great offers. Clothes and technology are among the top picks to look out for while you are here. Don’t forget to check out America’s largest department store; Macy’s. You can have hours of fun shopping in this city even if you don’t buy very much.

Climb the Empire State Building

Looking up at this 102 storey building from ground level is fun but it is only part of the experience. This instantly recognisable building was the tallest in the world for close to 4 decades and it is where King Kong famously climbed up. These days you can head up to observation desks to get an unbelievable view of the city. You will find restaurants, tourist information and gift shops up here.

See the Statue of Liberty

The iconic Statue of Liberty is one of the most easily recognisable images of New York City. You might not realise that it is possible to visit Liberty Island. There are a number of different types of ticket, which should be purchase in advance. You can visit just the grounds, the pedestal or the crown. There is a good museum here and the ferry tickets across give you access to the fascinating Ellis Island Immigration Museum, where 12 million people passed through on their way to a new life in the US. It is worth heading out here to see some history and also to get a completely different view of the city while you are here.

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