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A Weekend Guide to Prague


There are few better weekend destinations than Prague in the Czech Republic. Its a´size makes it ideal for exploring in a couple of days and there are plenty of fun things to do while you are enjoying Prague

Cross the Charles Bridge

This beautiful, historic bridge has a long and rich history. It is lined with statues and offers a brilliant way to cross the Vltava River. Work started on this bridge in the mid 14th century but it still looks solid and imposing even today. It will come as no surprise to you to see that the Charles Bridge is often jam-packed with tourists taking photos and people selling souvenirs. Early in the morning is the best time to enjoy some peace and quiet in this very special place. In fact, if you can get up early enough to catch the sunrise here then you will enjoy an unforgettable experience.

See the Astronomical Clock

One of the weirdest but most unmissable treats in the city of Prague is the astronomical clock. This has been here since the start of the 15th century, making it the oldest working clock of this type on the planet.  It is located in the Old Town Square and is looks wonderful, even before you can work out what it does. Basically, it features a calendar dial showing the months of the year, an astronomical part featuring the sky and an hourly show with wooden figures. There are some fascinating facts and legends about this historic clock that are well worth investigating before you head over to see it.  Nearby, there is also an elevator next to the Old Town Square that will take you up to enjoy some of the best views in the city.

Try the Food

The food is sure to be a big attraction just about anywhere you plan to go to, and Prague is likely to be no exception.  The food in this part of the world tends to be heavy and meat-based, with a number of tasty stews and similar dishes to choose from. You can also enjoy a terrific dessert or two here if the mood takes you.  The filled pancakes are among the most famous treats in Prague, while there are also some delightful fruit dumplings to be tried. There are a number of classy, cosmopolitan restaurants in the city but you can also still find authentic, cosy eateries where the food tastes great and the atmosphere is fantastic.

Enjoy the Nightlife

Many people who visit the Czech capital do so in order to enjoy the famous nightlife. If you are planning on visiting Prague for a weekend of partying then you aren’t going to be disappointed. The drinks are cheap, the bars and clubs are plentiful and the nightlife goes on till early in the morning. There are places here for every type of party lover, from live rock venues to modern dance clubs and retro bars. You certainly won’t be short of places to go and have a good time.

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