North America

Looking Your Best on Your Trip

  Getting ready for a big trip can be a tough time. First, you need to figure out where in the world you want to go. If you are traveling with other people, you might want to draw up a list and see if there is anywhere on your list that you share in common. Once you figure out where it is you want to go, you will need to work out an itinerary. [...]


Getting From A to B Abroad

Getting a cab might not sound like much of an adventure, but as this guide from The Taxi Centre shows, that just depends where you’re hailing it from. Sure, most cabs in the UK and USA are reliable, clean, and affordable, but depending on where you’ve planned your next adventure for you can expect something a little different if you’re [...]


Free Wedding Venue Tours in Glendale, CA

Most all wedding venues offer free tours. If you are in search of a banquet hall in Glendale to host your wedding ceremony or reception, then you likely are already aware that you have many options. Asking certain questions during your tour will help you to narrow down your selection, ultimately helping you to make the perfect choice. 10 Questions [...]


What is cruise insurance

Last year, an estimated 1.64 million Britons took a cruise holiday – making Britain the second biggest cruise market in Europe after Germany (where nearly 1.8 million went on a cruise. Why is cruise insurance such an important consideration for the vast majority of those passengers? It might help to look at what cruise insurance is and just [...]


The Best Ski Resorts in the World

Look anywhere online and you will find a ‘best of’ or ‘top 10’ list, but why do we tend to like them so much. Like any review or critique they tend to be the opinion of one or few and as we all know, opinions and taste differ. But a good list is worth its weight in gold. If you can find a good, balanced view created by people with [...]


Must visit Bars in Manchester

If you are staying overnight in Manchester these are the bars to visit Manchester is one of the most popular tourist locations in the UK. Known for its metropolitan as well as historical culture, the city offers a great deal of attractions. And with over 160 hotels if you cannot take in the city in one day, it is not hard to find a place to [...]