Preparing for Your Trip

Everyone loves getting a vacation, but preparing for the upcoming trip is hardly something we look forward to.  After the thrill of buying plane tickets is done, the painstaking process of preparing for the entire trip takes over: making sure all accommodations are booked, travel documents are in place, everything is packed, and the list [...]


Fun Ways to Add Some Sport to Your Trips

Getting away for a trip is always something to look forward to but what if you are a big sports fan as well as a travel freak? The good news is that there are some fun ways to add some sports to your trips no matter where you go. Try one or more of these the next time you are far from home. Catch a Local Game or Sporting Event Probably the [...]


A Weekend Guide to Barcelona

Is there a better city on Earth for a weekend trip than beautiful Barcelona? Part of the appeal of this Spanish city is that it has something for just about everyone. Whether you want to lounge on the beach, to hit the bars or to soak up some culture, Barcelona has something to make your trip there very special. The Beaches While the best [...]


A Weekend Guide to New York

The first thing you are sure to ask yourself is how you could possibly be expected to see New York in a single weekend. This huge city is densely populated and is also packed with plenty of amazing tourists attractions. This means that you will want to plan ahead and make sure that you use your time wisely. The following are some of the main [...]


A Weekend Guide to Prague

There are few better weekend destinations than Prague in the Czech Republic. Its a´size makes it ideal for exploring in a couple of days and there are plenty of fun things to do while you are enjoying Prague Cross the Charles Bridge This beautiful, historic bridge has a long and rich history. It is lined with statues and offers a brilliant [...]


A Weekend Guide to Berlin

Berlin is currently one of the coolest and trendiest cities in all of Europe.  The German capital has undergone an incredible transformation in recent years, making it well worth a weekend visit. See the Berlin Wall Berlin was famously divided in two until 1989. It was in this year that the Berlin War was torn down to unify the city and the [...]


A Weekend Guide to Amsterdam

Amsterdam has long been a hugely popular destination for people going on weekend trips. It is a nice size for exploring for a couple of days and has enough to do to keep most tourists happy. The following are some of the very best things to do and see while you are here. Hire a Bike If you want to see lots of Amsterdam and feel right at home [...]