Cheap travel across the world


This may sound like the Holy Grail for students and all of those who want to go travelling but there are plenty of ways for you to go abroad and it cost you very little. As ever, it is important to be realistic about your expectations and how much time you have. No one is going to be able to cram a round-the-world trip into a week but you can certainly find one country and spend a decent amount of time there exploring and experiencing foreign culture. Once you have settled on where you want to go it is time to begin the research and there are a few key sites you should definitely check out.

‘Couchsurfing’ is a site that describes itself as a hospitality network. By signing up you gain access to thousands of people across the globe who volunteer to give up a spare room in their house or flat for free. It is based on mutual trust and members can check on each other through a reference system. Whilst it may seem a tad scary, the benefits are enormous; somewhere free to stay and often your host will provide meals or a guided tour of the locality all in return for being polite and helping wash the dishes!

Similar in nature to the above site, there are a whole host of other websites that offer accommodation and often meals in return for work. A quick google search will easily throw up a dozen of these but the most well-known include ‘helpx’ and ‘workaway’. Travellers are expected to work about 4 hours a day 5 days a week and in return are given somewhere to sleep and sometimes meals. Work includes anything from house sitting and looking after pets to construction work or gardening. The duration of these jobs can also be anything from 3 days to 3 months! Some of these sites do charge a small registration fee but the advantages normally outweigh this; a chance to experience authentic local culture and learn things that you otherwise wouldn’t.

The other option which many people take each year is to work your way around the world. Often this is for people going on longer breaks or gap years and it is worth spending some time thinking if this is for you. It may seem like hard work but it is often surprisingly easy and there are many success stories from people who have just gone out there and done it. The advantages include a place to stay and discounts on local attractions; as these often tend to be at beach resorts this can include trips, free drinks and activities such as bungee jumping or white water rafting.

However long you plan to go away for and almost wherever you want to go, there will be a cheaper way than relying on hotels and expensive tours. All it takes is research, a bit of bravery and the passion to go out there and get what you want.

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