Enjoy the Great Outdoors of Alice Springs


Alice Springs is at the heart of Central Australia and features endless deserts and cavernous gorges. It is the embodiment of the tough and exciting Outback that draws outdoor adventurers from all over the world. Alice Springs capitalizes heavily on its outdoor adventures and has built an entire industry to service visiting adventurers. Deciding to stay in Alice Springs will grant you the opportunity to explore the Australian outback in a unique and exciting way.

Arriving at Alice Springs

Alice Springs is in a relatively remote location, which is how it’s able to offer such unique outdoor adventures. Getting to Alice Springs is not difficult and there are several options to consider when planning your trip. According to the travel experts at the New York Times, there are four primary ways to get to Alice Springs.

  • Plane – Alice Springs has an airport that services Qantas flights connecting from Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Darwin. As a warning, the airport does not use any air bridges. There will be stairs utilized for boarding and disembarking planes.
  • Train – A private tourist train called The Ghan covers the distance from Adelaide to Darwin, which stops in Alice Springs. However, a train ticket is often more expensive than a plane ticket. One distinct advantage is the ability to store and bring your car.
  • Car – If you have a penchant for the open road, driving may be the best way to get to Alice Springs. This remote city is a 17-hour drive away from Darwin and an 18-hour drive from Adelaide. If you are a tourist and will be driving, brush up on the driving rules in Australia as you will likely encounter traffic on this trip.
  • Bus – Greyhound stops in Alice Springs on its north to south route. It is the only bus that services this town, so this option may not be available to all adventurers.

While Alice Springs is a relatively small town, it has become a popular tourist destination. Adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts have been visiting Alice Springs ever since the 1980s. Since then, the town has grown to accommodate its growing tourist industry. Due to this growth, securing a place to stay can be difficult. Reserve your reservation as far in advance as possible. There are several Alice Springs lodgings to browse and choose from. Find one within your price range that will cater to your traveling party.

Outstanding Outdoor Adventures

Catherine Lawson, reporter for Australian Geographic, states that there are dozens of outdoor adventures to enjoy in Alice Springs. Whether you are a hiking enthusiast, a bicyclist or a rock climber – you will be at home in Alice Springs.

  • Simpsons Gap – This break in the West MacDonnell Ranges houses a waterhole that attracts tourists from all over the country. Cyclists, in particular, will enjoy traversing this terrain by a bike path that leads through creeks, ironwoods and shrubbery. Plan to pack a picnic for this trek – it’s 17 kilometers long! There are also several hiking trails around the area.
  • Ormiston Pound – This expansive hiking trail is home to what Lawson calls “the best half-day walk” in West MacDonnell National Park. It is a four-hour long winding route that goes through a rediscovered trail throughout the range. This moderate climb goes around the Pound’s rim and provides jaw-dropping views. The path disappears into a gorge filled with waterholes that attract animals from the surrounding area. Bring your camera for a unique wildlife encounter.
  • Emily and Jessie Gaps – Two unique gaps formed in the Heavitree Range that feature unusual rock formations. Each gap is home to significant Aboriginal spiritual sites. However, they allow rock-climbing – with no bolts. There is a good range of one to two-pitch beginner routes, with more advanced routes located at the Emily Gap.

Endless Outdoor Adventures

The above adventures are only a small sampling of what is available to the traveling outdoors enthusiast. There are enough activities to keep thrill seekers, climbers and hikers busy for weeks – if not months. Plan your route to Alice Springs and reserve your lodgings well in advance. This popular tourist destination is regularly booked to capacity.

Daniel Bryan is a contributing writer and outdoor enthusiast. Regardless of where he is, he always attempts to get the most out of his outdoor surroundings. Daniel one day hopes to be a professional trail guide in Australia.

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