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Choosing a removals company to handle your precious furniture and other goods is a chore; there are many possible options in the LA area, and all have attractive offers that may tempt you. The important thing to remember is that you need to make sure you pick a company with a reputation for care and attention, professionalism and sensible rates, so where do you go for the best service in the region? We recommend you check out Attention to Detail moving, a company with a great reputation and truly original and innovative approach. This moving and storage company really does offer something the others don’t, and you can rely on them to get the job done.

Attention to Detail was founded some years ago by a group of friends who found they were massively dissatisfied with the standard of service from other providers in the industry. They took a close look at how things were generally done in the industry, and considered carefully how they could provide a genuinely improved and first class service. As many of the friends were ex-military, they realised that the sort of precision and discipline used in military training could be easily and usefully applied to moving services, hence the current, highly efficient performance you will get when you enlist Attention to Detail Moving to handle your requirements.

Precision and Care

Attention to Detail chose the name to reflect their core values; they are committed to planning, listening to the customers’ requirements, and providing a truly excellent level of service at affordable rates. Quality is never skimmed over, however, in the search for affordability, and you will be treated with the same level of importance no matter the size or scope of the job at hand. This determination and commitment to remaining the leading LA and Simi Valley moving company means they are head and shoulders above their local rivals, and many satisfied customers – around 5000 in fact – will happily testify to their excellence.

If you need storage facilities, either alongside your move or as a stand-alone service, they can help, and they offer the very best in local storage facilities in the region. They offer secure storage solutions for all types of items from furniture to vehicles, in locations that are easy to access with climate controlled facilities, and their innovative Bunker storage solution offers a portable, movable option for even better service.

In a day and age when moving and storage companies have a reputation that is, we shall say, far from excellent, Attention to Detail has gone out of its way to set the standard very high. This is a company that will happily take on board any special requirements you may have, and that will perform with a friendly, professional approach every time. If you need moving or storage solutions in LA or the Simi Valley, contact Attention to Detail Moving, and one of their friendly expert team will be able to answer any questions you may have a provide you with a quote.

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