Getting From A to B Abroad

Getting a cab might not sound like much of an adventure, but as this guide from The Taxi Centre shows, that just depends where you’re hailing it from.

Sure, most cabs in the UK and USA are reliable, clean, and affordable, but depending on where you’ve planned your next adventure for you can expect something a little different if you’re relying on public transport. Take Cuba for example, where you’ll either face a ride in a seat beltless 1950’s relic, or a Cocotaxi – basically a moped with awning.

Or at the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’ve booked a getaway to the Maldives and have planned a little island hopping, then you can expect to take a ride in a seaplane – a legitimate form of taxi on the islands.

Maybe you’re heading to Russia and planning on soaking up a little of the local culture on your own terms. Well, don’t be surprised if a couple of unmarked cars pull up when you try to hail a cab, as in Russia it’s not abnormal for drivers to stop an pick up those trying to hail a cab, and haggle a price along the way. It’s likely to be cheap, but scary.

Get prepped for your next global cab adventure, and take a look at the guide below.


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