Great Cars for Towing a Trailer or Small Caravan

Whether you’ve got a large or small car, there will always be things you can’t fit inside it, especially if you are regularly lugging large equipment, bikes or anything else. Perhaps you’re interested too in the possibility of heading on the road with a small caravan. If either of the above is the case, you may be looking to change your car. It can be hard to determine which car is best for towing purposes, which is why we have put this mini guide together, to give you a helpful nudge in the right direction. The vehicles listed below are all great for towing. Afterwards, you can always take a look at some here.

Toyota RAV4 2018

You’ll find that the majority of Toyota RAV4 models feature a 1,500lbs towing rating. With the upgrade to the Adventure trim though, featuring all-wheel-drive, the towing rating is raised to 3,500lbs. This gives you the chance to benefit from the same kind of features you’d get from the XLE trim, such as the awesome satellite HD radio and the automatic dual-zone climate control. Toyota are known for their efficiency and this is a fine example of what makes Toyota cars so popular.

Jeep Cherokee 2018

The Jeep Cherokee just oozes with trailer towing appeal, don’t you think? Even without any optional extras, as a standard it can tow around 2,000lbs. Note that number as that’s a darn sight higher than other compact SUVs. However, if you really need a little more oomph, you can upgrade to the optional trailer equipment package that’s offered with the Cherokee and that gives the 3.2l V6 engine and the ability to tow a maximum of 4,500lbs. whether you’re on the road or off it, the Cherokee won’t let you down, even with a caravan in tow.

Kia Sorento 2019

The Kia Sorento has been given an update style and sophistication and some awesome new driver assists features. It is one of the highest-ranking midsize SUVs on the market right now. What it lacks in space within the cargo area, it more than makes up for in comfortable seating, high-quality interior and the ability to tow around 2,000lbs. If that doesn’t sound enough to you, if you invest in a model with a V6 engine, via the upgrade to the LX trim, you can tow 3,500lbs. If that’s still not enough, add to that package the all-wheel-drive and you are then able to pull 5,000lbs behind this sexy beast of a car.

Honda Accord 2018

However, if that’s all a little too much and you just need it to tow a small amount, then you should consider the Honda Accord 2018. Although it may not seem like quite enough, the towing rate of just 1,000lbs is more than enough to tow a lawnmower, motorcycle, jet ski and even a small pop-up teardrop-style caravan. The great thing about the Honda Accord is that it’s affordable and when you’re not towing you get the benefit of its 2.0l engine, superb fuel efficiency and high-class handling.

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