Motorhome Buying Tips


If you are thinking about buying a motorhome, that still leaves you with a whole host of decisions about the particular type of vehicle you want:

  • specifically, how are you going to be using your motorhome;
  • what size and performance does the vehicle need to be;
  • what layout is likely to suit your purposes;
  • have you already decided on any makes and models that attract you;
  • are you going to be buying new or second hand; and
  • what are your options when finding somewhere to buy.


In other words, there is homework to be done before homing in on a definite choice. Hopefully these motorhome buying tips will help.

That means taking every opportunity to view the many different possibilities available, by reading manufacturers’ and suppliers’ descriptions, viewing photographs of the motorhomes (not just in the showroom, but also in action), considering other owners’ reviews of their motorhome, and by getting up close and personal with particular models you can view, touch, feel, sit in and examine down to the last detail.

These days, of course, the internet offers countless opportunities to see the pictures, read the descriptions and even browse listings of both new and used motorhomes for sale. Online listings are published, for example, by Autotrader magazine, Out and About Live and Practical Motorhome.


Although online listings such as these might give you a useful start for your search, there comes the time when you want to see the real thing for your own eyes and step inside some of the models that have taken your interest.

This might mean quite lengthy trips around the country as you go from one address to another simply to view individual models that have caught your eye.

There are specialist suppliers of motorhomes who make that search a whole lot easier by offering not only a comprehensive online viewing experience, but also maintaining their own showrooms and exhibition centres where you may look over a wide selection of different motorhomes all in the same place.

Some dealers even have them all under the same roof – in an environment that is heated to boot, so giving you a welcome break from the wind and the rain that otherwise accompanies many other viewings.

Buying from a dealer

Although you may find no shortage of advertised private sales, buying from a reputable dealer is likely to provide the safer and more reliable bet.

Any dealer who has invested in a comprehensive website, together with well-stocked showrooms and exhibition space, along with the full range of marketing and sales services, is clearly in the business for the long haul and committed to providing the level of service you want.

Not only does this give you some confidence and reassurance in the quality of any motorhome sold by the dealer, including a careful pre-sales inspection and checking of any used vehicles, but may also back this up with after-sales servicing, maintenance and repairs.

Where a dealer specialises in the supply of motorhomes by a bespoke manufacturer, you may also be sure that they have an unsurpassed knowledge of those vehicles, knowing them inside and out, and capable of fielding just about any question you may raise about them.

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