Must visit Bars in Manchester


If you are staying overnight in Manchester these are the bars to visit

Manchester is one of the most popular tourist locations in the UK. Known for its metropolitan as well as historical culture, the city offers a great deal of attractions. And with over 160 hotels if you cannot take in the city in one day, it is not hard to find a place to rest for the night. But what do you do when the attractions close down and the shops close? Here are some of the must visit bars for those of you who love the night life.

Before you go drinking

Before you attend any bar it is responsible of the person planning of consuming alcohol to have a safe means of transportation. While bringing a buddy along may seem like a good idea, more often then it should that person ends up drinking as well. A taxi service could be used, but as one pays for the distance and stops along the way this could get expensive very quickly. The best solution is to use the railway system. There are several direct routes into and out of Manchester running at all hours of the day and night. All you have to do it get to the train and use your rail card.

The King’s Arms

What I love about the King’s Arms Ale House is the old fashioned look and location of the building. From the curved front visage to the old-fashioned boozer the bar has a bit of the classical feel to it. Of course, the beer selection is large and you have your choice from the commercial favourites or the local brewers (Privateer and Greenfield Brewery).

Kings Arms is located on Chapel Street and is owned by Paul Heaton. You may have heard of or seen Paul Heaton when he performed as a lead singer for Beautiful South and Housemartins.

Sinclair’s Oyster Bar

Sinclair’s Oyster Bar is one of the most established bars in the Manchester area with origins dating back to the industrial revolution. Constructed in the Old English style (meaning that it is white with the iconic wood accents), the bar sets itself apart in Central Manchester.

The brews are not what make the Sinclair Oyster House so popular. The bar is known for its shared open dining area and its seafood. Where you can get a lager for a lower price then you will find in the Northern quarter, you should really consider taking a few extra pounds for the food as well.

Sinclair’s Oyster Bar is located on Cathedral Gates  with walking distance of Manchester Victoria, Salford Central, and Deansgate. Sinclair’s Oyster Bar uses Samuel Smith’s brewery.

The Castle Hotel

For those of you who want a bit of food, entertainment, and beer, the Castle Hotel is the pub for you. With over 200 years of history the building started serving brews in 1776 (though there is a claim that there have been dweller at the location since the 1400s). The Castle has been known as The Crown and Sceptre, The Crown and Anchor, and The Clock Face. Regardless of what the name states outside the door, the brews on the inside are worth the trip.

Entertainment wise, the Castle Hotel continuously has entertainers such as MawKin, the Buffalo Skinners, and Tom Williams as well as shows and parties. The combination of food, brews, and entertainment has made the Castle Hotel one of the most popular Bars in Manchester.  Those wishing to see a gig should purchase tickets in advance or bring about £5 – £10 to purchase a ticket (if available) at the door as gigs are held in The Castle Hotel’s own music hall.

The Castle Hotel is Located on Oldham Street. Brewer providers are Gulliver’s and Eagle-Inn

The Knott Bar

If you are looking for a bit more modern of a bar with easy access to the railway stations then the Knott Bar is an excellent choice. The bar has more of a modern feel with posters and commercialized beer dominating the atmosphere over that of the local brewery providers that are closer to the central and norther parts of Manchester.

Compared to other bars in the area, The Knott is a rather small bar. Look for the bar on Wilbraham Road

Brew providers include both domestic and imported beer, commercial and locally brewed selections

These are but a few of the bars that you can find in Manchester. There are several to choose from. Some provide a more historical feel while others such as Mother Mac’s claim to be haunted. So, if you are traveling to Manchester and planning on staying overnight, or if you have a friend and want to go to a club and ride the rail way back home, then come and experience the Manchester Night life.

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