Road tripping in Europe

One kind of holiday that people often find the most exciting is the ‘road trip’ thanks to its endless possibilities and the ability to manage the holiday on your own time and see everything you want to. There are various locations all over the world to do just that, with Europe one of the best for such opportunities due to its almost infinite [...]


Great Train Journeys

Despite all the modern day advances in methods of travel, sometimes the old ways are just simply the best. For anyone who enjoys a slightly slower pace of life, or who wants their experience to begin the minute they start a journey, great train journeys are a far better option than starting out a trip on a cramped flight or behind the wheel [...]


Discovering the Greek landscape

Greece is a popular destination choice for many, with resorts such as Athens, Halkidiki and Thessalonika remaining the firm favourite hot spots on the mainland. Greek Islands are another popular holiday choice. Corfu, Kefalonia and Kos boast endless sunshine, magnificent views, lush landscape and an array of picturesque sandy beaches. Greece [...]


Cheap travel across the world

This may sound like the Holy Grail for students and all of those who want to go travelling but there are plenty of ways for you to go abroad and it cost you very little. As ever, it is important to be realistic about your expectations and how much time you have. No one is going to be able to cram a round-the-world trip into a week but you [...]