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Preparing for any adventurous explorations


Like many adrenaline junkies or crazy fund raisers you might have an adventure of a life time planned in the coming months or years. You might be planning on seeing some of the world’s most famous sights on a family holiday or climbing Kilimanjaro with a group of mates, if you plan on taking on some extreme sights this year you need to make sure your prepared for what Mother Nature throws at you.

You might have heard the famous saying ‘you can never be to over prepared’ this have never been more relevant when you are facing extreme weather conditions or terrain.  It’s not also easy to organise yourself, a group or even your family, but regardless of your situation you will need the right attitude, training, fitness and equipment. Before you go ahead and hop on the next plane to walk the Grand Canyon take a look at a few tips:

Don’t pack a candle, when you need a torch

When you first site down to pack your whole life into a ruck sack it can be daunting, especially if you are planning on participating in an extreme sport such as climbing. If you are undertaking an adventure for the first time it’s advisable to research the equipment you need for the adventure you are going on. You don’t want to buy any old pair of gloves and 2 hours into your trip need to have your fingers cut off from frost bite. Never try and go on a whim when backing, don’t rely on others bringing equipment for spares as it usually won’t happen. Backing your essentials are vital, remember you can always buy bits and pieces as when you need them along the way. Many holiday providers can offer you the equipment for need, depending on your activity of course.

I thought you had the Visa’s?

If you are planning on visiting countries outside of the EU it’s often best to check Visa and inoculation requirements with the National Foreign Office. Checking you have the correct documents with the right information is vitally important, without these documents you may not be able to enter a country, potentially splitting you from the rest of your group or incurring a rather large donation. You should check your papers regardless of whether or not you’re traveling independently or with a company as if you don’t check and you go against you national offices advice most of the time your insurance will be invalid.

Coughs and Sneezes…

Malaria is a disease that must be considered by anyone planning a trip or adventure. It’s a parasite spread by mosquitos. A single bite is enough to infect you, and it can be deadly. It’s essential to take measures to protect yourself in countries that are high risk. You should use insect repellent on any exposed areas of skin, and sleep under a chemically treated mosquito net. If you are visiting a danger zone be sure to consider the available malaria prevention drugs. They’re tablets that can be prescribed by a doctor, to be taken before, during & after your visit to a danger zone.

Don’t trust anyone

If you have booked your adventure partly through a travel agency or specialist company, it’s vital you do your research into the company before handing over your money. It’s always advisable to read the small print (terms and conditions) before you sign on the dotted line for anything. You are placing trust in a company to deliver the goods and services they have promised, ask representatives about the experience and qualifications of their staff, as your life may just be in their hands.  If you are unhappy with a certain brand they use let them know and they might be able to change it to suit your requirements.

Never give up

If you are tackling any extreme sport or adventurous activity this summer you need to walk before you can run. You properly won’t have the techniques required to be a master, so it’s advisable to take your time and not get injured. Remember that your body is a temple and pushing it to the limits will inevitably cause tiredness and or damage. Your body will be put under a lot of strain so it’s important that you rest before you get up on the go again.

Before you go away you should be working to condition your body, this will help your get through any rough treks or climbs. If you plan a workout months before your trip you can undertake regular cardiovascular exercise, which will help you keep moving for longer. Use High intense workouts to increase your heart rate, make sure you make your body and lungs work. Having that extra energy on your adventure could be the difference between life or death if faced with a dangerous situation.

The 3 most important things

The best advice I ever got was to make a list and check it twice, you won’t believe how many times you add items to your list in the month approaching your adventure.  You should also remember to leave your family/parents with contact numbers and have emergency numbers with you on your travels for every country you go into. When it comes to your holiday these are my top 3 things you need to take:

  • Emergency phone
  • First Aid Kit (including pen knife)
  • Waterproofs (because even in the hottest country it can rain)

About Author; this post was created by Karl Young an extreme sports enthusiast on behalf of Powerhouse Fitness a leading supplier of home gym equipment.

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