Road tripping in Europe


One kind of holiday that people often find the most exciting is the ‘road trip’ thanks to its endless possibilities and the ability to manage the holiday on your own time and see everything you want to.

There are various locations all over the world to do just that, with Europe one of the best for such opportunities due to its almost infinite amount of wonderfully scenic roads and for those who enjoy their driving, some of the most enjoyable.

The Amalfi Coast

Possibly one if the most beautiful routes to take in Europe is across the south west coast of Italy, the most popular stretch of which is known commonly as the Amalfi Coast.

The coast itself is located on the southern side of the Sorrentine Peninsula and stretches over 50km of Italy’s most breath-taking views, offering the opportunity to visit some truly wonderful towns.

Most popular and well known of these towns is Sorrento on the most westerly tip which is very much a laid back location that in essence is the perfect place for British travellers hoping for a bit a familiarity in the choice of pubs and shops. The main attraction of Sorrento is its stunning views and bay area.

Positano is a few clicks east of Sorrento and is known for being expensive and the most striking of the Amalfi Coast towns. Flamboyant shops, steep houses and elegant hotels are a wonder to see and a lot of time can be spent in Positano.

One for the day-trippers is the town of Amalfi itself, a place not particularly big, but packed densely with plenty on offer including historical buildings, hidden alleyways and delectable shops.

Western Norway

One of the shorter and more fuel friendly locations for a road trip is one that takes you through the wondrous sights of Norway’s western coast line.

The best route to take is to start in the town of Molde and take the E39 towards Kristiansund 86km north. The road takes you on partial coastal routes (where there are several opportunities to fish and go diving), before moving in land and onto the 64 which takes you through various mountains and forests.

These scenic views, however, are just the tip of the iceberg with one of Norway’s most impressive creations, the Atlantic Road just ahead.

Finished in 1989, the Atlantic Road spans just over 8km and is part of the National Tourist Route between  Bud and Kårvåg, with a total of eight bridges to get over which in itself counts for 891 metres of the journey and don’t forget the Atlantic Ocean Tunnel that spans nearly 6km.

The South of France

Possibly the more obvious choice of these three examples is driving to the various towns of France’s Riviera.

Starting in the west in Marseille where you can take numerous tours via taxis, boats, on foot or by train, giving the chance to see everything you could of the city.

From there and going east, the towns become more and more glamorous, with such locations as Saint-Tropez, Cannes and Nice being main stop-off points to go ahead and mix in with the elite and get a taste of the expensive hotels and shops available.

The primary attraction for any trip to the South of France of course is Monaco.  The principality is possibly the image of pure affluence and success, with the endless top-end shopping opportunities and of course a chance to play your luck in the Casino which is always surrounded by the world’s most luxurious vehicles.

About the author: Sam writes on behalf of Choose a fuel card and their various fuel card options including Esso and BP.

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