The Best Ski Resorts in the World

Look anywhere online and you will find a ‘best of’ or ‘top 10’ list, but why do we tend to like them so much. Like any review or critique they tend to be the opinion of one or few and as we all know, opinions and taste differ. But a good list is worth its weight in gold. If you can find a good, balanced view created by people with a genuine interest in the topic you are a lot more likely to find good advice.

That is why we decided to look at some of the best ski resorts in the world in a similar manner. Of course, opinions will vary, but taking an overall look helps people find out a little more about the top countries and resorts that welcome skiers and snowboarders alike every year.

We decided to kick off in Canada, and in particular Revelstoke. Boasting the longest verticle in North America and a skiable area of over 3,000 acres, Revelstoke is high on most people’s list as a must visit destination.


Beginners might be better placed looking elsewhere but there are options available if you are new to skiing. The resort is really aimed at those with a bit more experience and is particularly popular for this reason.

With great nearby areas for après ski action it is no wonder that this area is one of the most sought after locations for skiers.

Next up is the Austrian resort of St Anton. As you can imagine there are a few great choices for skiing in Europe and this Alpine resort is right up there.

With outstanding pistes, breath taking scenery and excellent night life this is a choice that proves popular across the board with families, couples and singles finding plenty to do and experts, beginners and those in between finding enough ski options to keep them busy.

To find out a bit more about accommodation, skiing conditions and more regarding St Anton and Austria you can visit –


Back across the Atlantic is the Telluride resort in Colorado. Found in the San Juan Mountains near Butch Cassidy’s old stomping ground you will find perfect skiing conditions. You m ight not automatically associate cowboy country with skiing but this place might change your mind.

Finally we are back to Europe in the North of Italy with the Courmayeur resort. The Aosta Valley at the foot of Mont Blanc is everything you could hope for in a region that caters for skiers and snowboarders.

You are guaranteed snow either through the consistent snowfall in the area or as a backup the state of the art snow machines will ensure there isn’t a break in ski conditions. You can discover everything the Courmayeur resort has to offer at

No matter where you plan to visit it is well worth searching about for deals and offers on cheap ski trips and it is also well worth checking out the resort before you visit.

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