Things You Should Understand When Choosing Tires For Your Bike




As they are the thing that keeps the rest of your vehicle off the ground and can directly effect how comfortable your actual ride is, it is important to give reasonable consideration to choosing the right motorcycle tires.  If you feel as if you do not know much beyond the fact that they are black round and sticky, then you are not alone and we are here to help you today.

In the following article we will give some insight into tires and what to look out for when they are on your list when shopping for the bike repair parts.

Understand The Different Types

If you ride your motorcycle as a form of day to day transportation, you will be looking to purchase street tires.  These can actually be divided into two distinct classes of tires – tubeless and tubed.  How do you know which is right for you?  If your motorcycle wheel has spokes, similar to a bicycle’s wheels, you are better with inner tube tires.  Whereas if your bike has cast wheels, you are probably best opting for the tubeless kind of tires.

Understand Tread And Pattern

The next thing you need to understand about motorcycle tires before you go looking for the best online motorcycle store, is pattern and tread.  The pattern of the tire comprises of the channels and grooves cut into the tread; with the tread being the part of the tire that actually touches the ground.    The tread is actually the most important part, when it comes to street tires, as the pattern is only there to help keep water away and prevent the tire losing its grip on the ground if it is wet.

Understand The Profile

When you look at car from behind, the tires have square profiles.  They are horizontal at the point where they come into contact with the road and then connect to the vertical side walls.  On a motorcycle there are also vertical side walls, but the actual tread of the tire is rounded, Third, we come to profile. Viewed from behind, a car’s tire has a square profile: horizontal where it contacts the road surface, connecting to vertical side walls. Motorcycles have vertical side walls too, but the tread is rounded.  The reason for this is to ensure that the bike’s tires do not lose contact with the surface it is riding over and that they retain traction when turning a corner.

Understand Some Other Terminology

When buying tires you may come across phrases and names such as contact patch and compound.  The contact patch is actually the part of the tread on the tire that is on the surface of the road at any one time.  While the compound is the actual material used to make the tire.  While racing tired are made of compounds so soft that they offer exceptionally sticky grip, but only last for 100 miles or 160 Km; in street bikes used for touring and longer journeys, higher level of grip is neglected in favour of making sure the tires last as long as possible.  Many of the tires you can buy made from harder compounds can last for as much as 20,000 miles or 32,000 KM.

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