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Thinking About a Backpacking Gap Year? Here are Some Travel Tips


Travel, they say, broadens the mind – and if you are in the fortunate position of being able to take a whole year out to do just that, imagine how broad minded you might become!

If you are planning a gap year travelling, you are likely to be inundated with tips on what to do and what not to do – the website Travel Independent, for instance, is a mine of information and that’s before your parents, family and friends insist on having their say so, too.

At the risk of plying you with a surfeit of travel tips, however, the following is a distillation of some of the best:

Less is more

  • less is more when it comes to your bags for any backpacking trip;
  • travelling light is not only going to make it easier getting around to all the places you want to see, but may also save money on baggage charges;

Keep someone in the picture

  • your gap year might be your first chance of breaking away from ever-worrying family, but it is still a good idea to let at least someone know where you are going and what your plans are;
  • in the event of an emergency, you may need to call from help or advice from just such a contact back home;

Home cooking

  • you might be surprised just how quickly the cost of eating out might be;
  • choose accommodation that has its own kitchen – or access to such a facility – and you are likely not only to save a considerable amount of money, but also treat yourself to the delights of home cooking;

Move along the train

  • in a number of parts of the world, rail passes may make a very economic buy and give you instant and frequent travel at a fraction of the cost;
  • with the train pass already in your pocket, of course, you are also able to jump the queue at the train stations’ ticket offices;

Street crime

  • it might be just when you are feeling footloose and fancy free that you are at your most vulnerable to street crime and scam artists;
  • keep your wits – and your money – about you at all times;

Shanks’ pony

  • with those street crime warnings never far from your mind, though, one of the best and cheapest means of getting about is simply on foot;
  • although taxis are cheaper than London practically anywhere in the world, you might soon burn a large hole in your pocket if you grow too accustomed to taking a taxi everywhere you want to go;
  • besides, you are likely to see a lot more of the country and its people if you are out and about walking rather than shuttered inside a taxi cab.

Your gap year spent backpacking is a time to enjoy yourself, travel the world and broaden your mind – with a little caution and common sense, you might easily do that.

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