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Thinking About Taking a Year Out? You Could Need Insurance



A year away from it all travelling around exotic destinations sounds like paradise. While it certainly can be one of the best times of your life, there are some things that should be taken into account to help ensure you have the best trip possible, in safety, and with peace of mind. If you are thinking of taking a year out one thing you generally need behind you is backpacking insurance.

Is there insurance specifically for backpacking?

Yes there is, backpacker travel insurance is a specialist type of insurance that differs from the typical holiday insurance. Holiday or travel insurance is generally taken out to provide you with security during a one or two week holiday. Backpacker travel insurance differs in that is covers a longer trip, typically up to a year.

There are many benefits to having insurance behind you, such as:

  • you do not need to arrange separate insurance for the different countries you may be visiting separately;
  • a policy may include protection if you are planning on doing work while travelling. For example, fruit picking is a job that many students take on in different countries to earn a bit of cash before moving on to the next destination;
  • activities and sports are popular with younger people who go backpacking. For instance, rafting, rock climbing and bungee jumping. Insurance may include protection for accident when participating in these activities and sports;
  • protection for the medical costs associated with illness or accidents while travelling;
  • protection for the costs associated with having to be repatriated back to the UK in the event of illness or accident;
  • a policy typically offers protection for liability;
  • it may cover the cost of cancellation of the trip.

Staying safe while travelling

Along with backpacking insurance there are other things you may wish to take into account when planning a backpacking trip. Remaining safe while having a good time is one of the main factors, so bear in mind the following;

  • do a little research into the countries you are planning on visiting and ensure you know the customs along with the laws. This will help to ensure that you don’t offend anyone and end up in jail;
  • try to learn some of the basic phrases of the language of the countries you are visiting;
  • make sure you know the laws about dress code. For instance some places might not take too kindly to a man walking around without a shirt on or women may have to cover their legs and shoulders;
  • book a place to stay for your first night in a foreign country in advance. This way you will arrive with peace of mind that you have a bed for the night;
  • don’t wander off alone in deserted places or take a midnight stroll alone on the beach;
  • make sure that you take a couple of debit or credit cards with you and don’t keep them together on your person. If one gets lost or stolen you have the other to fall back on. Also ensure there is enough money on them for you to be able to get home in the event you decide to cut your trip short.

Backpacking and taking in many different countries can be an experience that you will never forget. However, make sure that you remember it for only the good experiences. Backpacking insurance, hints, tips and some common sense will go a long way towards ensuring this.

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