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Why You Should Visit Seattle


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When you think of places to visit this summer or during any season, Seattle may well be at the top of your list. According to Stita Taxi, a taxi provider in Seattle, this remarkable city is breathtakingly pretty, and it is home to some amazing attractions. If Seattle isn’t yet at the top of your destination list, it may be after you explore some of the major reasons that countless people visit it on a yearly basis.

Historical Appeal

Many travelers who stay in Seattle may not be aware of its rich history. This city served as a gateway to those who sought to participate in the Klondike Gold Rush in Alaska (in the late 1800s). The city experienced a huge increase in popularity in 2013 – and today, Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington.

Seattle’s musical history is particularly interesting. Jimi Hendrix was born in Seattle. The city housed several jazz clubs for several decades in the first half of the 20th century. The Grunge musical movement of the 1990s gained much momentum in Seattle in the 1990s.

Iconic Seattle Sites

You will want to visit as many of Seattle’s unique landmarks as possible. A visit to the Space Needle is a must for anyone who wishes to view the city from an incredible vantage point in the sky. Also worth exploring are the other attractions near the Seattle Center, such as the Pacific Science Center (a fascinating place with much to offer kids and adults) and the EMP Museum (the spot to go to for edification on some major pop culture icons, like Hendrix and the ultimate Grunge band, Nirvana).

Pike Place Market

This huge market actually comprises a variety of sub-markets, and it spans an impressive nine acres. You’ll find a farmers market, a crafts market, a tempting assortment of specialty foods stores, restaurants, cafes, and bakeries. You may also browse an array of shops that sell items such as artisan wares, collectibles, bath and body products, toys, jewelry, and imported goods.

Woodland Park Zoo

The zoo in Seattle is certainly one to see. You might catch some awe-inspiring exhibits of birds, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles. This zoo is focused on conservation, and it’s also covered by a tree canopy that you must see up close to believe.

Underneath the City

If you’d like to experience a truly different perspective of Seattle, be sure to explore the place from underneath its streets and sidewalks. You can take a guided walking tour to get the most of the experience.

Metaphysical Library

The Seattle Metaphysical Library is another local attraction you may want to see. The shelves of this library hold books on topic such as UFOs, shamanism, and parapsychology. You could find yourself lost in viewing the contents of the place for hours.

No matter what kinds of local attractions appeal to you, you’re certain to discover many compelling sites in Seattle. From towers in the sky to passages underground, this city has something for every visitor. You may feel that a return trip is necessary, in order to visit all of the spectacular landmarks that make Seattle a top travel destination.

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